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ERISA Litigation

Larger companies virtually never make a decision regarding their qualified retirement plans without consulting professional advisors. The reason is simple: they do not want to be sued.

Imagine a corporate executive charged with the responsibility for making decisions regarding an $500 Million Retirement Plan. As a decision maker and fiduciary, they are personally liable for the prudent management of this plan. The foremost question on the mind of this executive will be:

"How can I best satisfy my legal responsibility and obligations as a fiduciary of this Plan?"

The Answer:
Seek the advise of a competent investment consultant.

ERISA does not discriminate on the basis of plan asset size. Therefore, small to mid-size Plan Sponsors need fiduciary advice as well.

The main reason for hiring a qualified plan consultant is simple. A plan sponsor is not an ERISA or Investment expert. Plan Sponsors need advice to ensure that their individual fiduciary obligations are met.

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