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Plan Comparisons

Our plan comparison process is a collaborative one. We bring experience and knowledge about retirement plan design, compliance, pricing, administration and communication from years of study, research and working with many organizations. Your Company brings experience and knowledge about your employees, organization and business. Together we will form a team to determine an overall plan strategy that meets the organizational goals and supports the business needs of your Company.

The BWCM team will consist of subject-matter experts providing in-depth legal and consulting services in the areas of retirement plan design and administration, and investment management. The team will coordinate efforts to ensure that all work is performed in light of your retirement philosophy and is completed within the given timeframes and budgets.

Clear, concise and constant communication with our clients is one of the cornerstones of our consulting. First, we will work with you to develop the final plan and timeline including a schedule of regular meetings for updates. Each step of the project is documented with results distributed to your company. In addition, we will provide copies and explanations of our technical work whenever requested. We think it is key that you understand the plan process and we are happy to transfer our knowledge to you.

At the onset of our relationship, and with your help, we will identify:

  • Your organizational goals and desires - from the business, human resources, and benefits perspectives
  • The financial/budget goals for your retirement plans
  • Any special legal issues that affect your employees and retirement plans
  • The level of consensus building and employee and management input that will be needed to assure that your goals are met
  • Any barriers or sacred cows that should be taken into account throughout our work with you.

This information will be used to develop a set of guiding principles that will steer our work with you. It's often helpful to send the guiding principles to key management to assure that the benefits team is on track with their desires. Once developed, the principles will be one of the many input items that will allow us to determine the type(s) of retirement plan(s) that fit your Company's goals and objectives - now and in the future.

Developing the budget for retirement plan costs can be a significant driver in the plan selection process. With our experience in the defined contribution and defined benefit marketplace, Blue Water Capital Management, L.L.C. can leverage relationships with product vendors to ensure that the negotiation process will be completed in an efficient and expeditious manner. It is our objective to implement a program for your Company on time and within budget. For a confidential plan comparison, call us at (858) 547-1810.
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