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The Defined Benefit (pension) plan for Highly Compensated Business Owners is a new retirement plan that can let you reduce your taxable income by more than $40,000 each year. You can be eligible for the Defined Benefit plan whether your self-employment income is from full-time or part-time work or even from compensation as a consultant, or member of a company board of directors.

Our Defined Benefit Plans have the following features that make our plans truly unique and industry leading:

  1. Customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that defines the investment strategies utilized in the plan and forms the documentation required to support your fiduciary investment decisions.
  2. Diversified investment portfolio choices with long-term industry leading performance records for you so that you can chose proper investments based on your risk tolerance.
  3. Institutional Fund choices that have investment costs that average only .40% or 40 basis points of cost or less for each diversified portfolio.
  4. Full unbundled fee disclosure from fee-only CFP advisors that receive no compensation from any providers of the plan.
  5. Industry leading 3rd Party Administrators for insuring the plan is compliant with all requirements and that you receive top service.
  6. Advisors that design and implement a plan that is best for you as a plan sponsor

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With this new plan, you:

  • Make a tax-deductible contribution of $100,000 or more each year
  • Choose how much money to contribute as long as it's not more than the maximum you are allowed
  • Grow your retirement contributions tax-deferred, making more money available when you retire
  • Choose how to invest the money
  • Have a range of retirement planning options, including moving the money to an IRA rollover account, where it can keep growing tax-deferred

This is a retirement planning opportunity to cut your taxes by thousands of dollars this year and every year afterwards, if you are age 45 or older.